Friday, August 8, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (and some other stuff)

I've made a deal with myself that I have to write something every day. To make my writing better. Because I love to write. Because that's why I created this blog to begin with.

So now I have to write something.

A rewiev?

I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday.
I want to start with saying, that even though I'm a geek, I'm not a comic book geek. I haven't seen all of the other Marvel movies. Actually I've only seen one; The Avengers. And I didn't really like that one.
But I did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy (or GoG as I'll be calling them from now on). And my slightly more geeky friend agreed that it was better than The Avengers. It was more colorful, more comic book like. And it was defenetly more humoristic. The whole audience was laughing at several occasions.

My main problem with the movie were the villians. They were too flat. And throughout the movie I never understood why they were doing what they were doing. The only explanation seemed to be "because they are evil" which is really just a bad reason. Sometimes there would be a hint about vengence being an underlying reason, but never more than "... For what he did to my father, and my fathers father..."

But then on a positive note, there was no romance subplot. Even though they did have the typical womanizing hero meeting hot tough girl, they never hooked up. And I love that! Because I often find that the romance takes away from the main story, especially when (like in the case of the Hobbit) the writers make one up so they can attract a bigger audience (or because they feel there has to be one).

And before I saw the movie, I was afraid the racoon would only be there to attract cuteness points, but he turned out to be pretty badass.

So to sum it up; An enjoyable movie, which has flaws, but they can be overlooked. 4/5 fishies.

I never was good at writing rewievs. But I guess practice makes perfect (or at least slightly better)

Finally got the batteries charged in my camera :)

I'm also back in Sweden for the summer (wheatherwise, last day of summer is predicted to be tomorrow, then it's getting rainy and miserable again). Tomorrow I might go blueberry and mushroom picking with my parents. Visit wild nature and the sea (the things I miss the most in Germany).

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A short break

You know how I'm always complaining about my bruises and how my body hurts. Well, I think this is my worst so far. This is from sliding across the floor.

We're in full rehearsal for the show in Gasteig in three weeks, plus normal classes, so it's tuff. But fun. I have bruises on top of my other bruises right know because I keep geeting my legs tangled up in the costume. So I'm using a mild hangover to get an excuse to spend the day in bed, eat take out and watch some Doctor Who. And rest. Mostly rest.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Were going to meet some people and eat at a bar grill pub place where they serve good food as well as coctails and other alcoholic beverages.

Original orders was that it was an intimate casual event.

Then boyfriend called and said that the number of people attending had increased and the dresscode had gotten fancier.

Now I'm just staring at half my wardrobe spread out before me on my bed and wondering what to do...

Or I don't get dressed at all and stay home.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Embracing your inner nerd

When I was a kid, I was one of those who wanted to be one of the cool kids. I wanted to feel popular. But being a nerdy bookworm was always more fun than to try to figure out how to fit in with the populars. I wanted to talk to them, but I had no idea what they talked about (not Harry Potter, I knew that much...). I wanted to play with them, but they never seemed to play. And slowly it dawned on me that being popular in school must be horribly boring. It's all about keeping up an image. Standing in a corner of the school yard during recess freezing your ass off trying to look cool rather than wearing ugly thermo pants and maybe get a bit dirty, but having the time of your life doing so because guess what; you defeated the dark lord.

I would sometimes listen to the conversations cool* kids would have. I can't really remember what I heard, but I remeber thinking that it was boring.

One conversation I do remember. We were fifteen. I was sitting outside a classroom reading, and they were further down the hall. They talked about how drunk people had been the last weekend. And how fun it was. And that was it. "Fun" for them was basically acheiving alcohol, hiding out somewhere and then drinking it. I still don't see how that is fun.

Meanwhile me and my friends had spent the same weekend making dinner together and then most likley rewatched lord of the rings and drunk several liters of tea while talking about life, the universe and everything. I still enjoy that.

I think my point with this post is that, while I used to feel hurt when my sisters teased me for being a nerd, at some point in my life I came to realise that that is what I am. I enjoy thick fantasy novels. I love discussing specific deatails in Lord of the Rings, comparing the books to the movie. I have Doctor Who posters on my wall. I still play with LEGO.

And I'm freaking proud of it!

Because that is part of me. And that allows me to not only buy that dinosour sweater I saw and fell in love with, but also proudly wear it in public :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's talk about the weather

Moving south was probably the best decision I ever made!

Now I know that if you look on a map over Europe, Munich is techniqally more central than south, but it's south compared to where I'm from.

And 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) - which according to the weather app on my phone is the temperature outside - in March, is pretty amazing when you've spent most of your life in Scandinavia. Not to mention when I logged on to Facebook today and saw the pictures of the snow that covers my hometown at the moment. Whilst I myself was lying outside tanning.

Photo: So yeah did someone say spring?
Stole this from an old classmates Facebook. Sorry.
Not to mention the guy I know in northern Sweden who complained on the temperature being -9.3 (15.26 in Farenheit) where he is today.

So yeah.

I'm going to take this moment to go and have Ice Cream outside now :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This will be a rambling post because of a slight hangover I may eventually suffer from.

I'm not actually a partygirl, but for some reason I have been out partying two weekends in a row now. Last weekend because it was Fashing (a big carneval thingy here in Munich and some other places), and that meant a chance to party like a unicorn


 And yesterday my sneaky friends invited me to watch the finale of "Melodifestivalen". The swedish competition to decide who to send to the Eurovision Song Contest. We made it fancy with a fancy dinner. And coctails. I had planned on maybe one coctail, and then go home to bed. That one coctail turned into a whole bottle, and before I knew it I was out clubbing.

At one point in the club there was a guy with a very... special way of picking up a girl. When I first noticed the guy he was standing right in front of me, about two meters away, pointing. At me. Using his whole arm. It was so unexpected me and my friend couldn't help but laugh at him. And not only that but a moment later someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around another guy was standing there saying "My friend..". About there I stopped listening and, still laughing, shook my head and said no.

It may be dark in a nightclub, but if you point like this I can still see you. (I know this is a picture of Obama, but it was the best I could find.)

I haven't had a guy sending his friend to ask me out or if I want to dance since I was twelve. 

But I have to give them some cred. Other guys tried to pick us up by dancing behind our backs thinking we would notice and find it hot. And others tried the "why introduce myself politely when I can touch you butt"- technique. But when that wingman came up to me all I had to do was say "no", and he said "ok" and left. It makes me happy. For once a simple "no" was enough! No trying to convince me or calling me bitch for not wanting to dance. I was left to keep on having fun and enjoy myself with my friends.

And so I landed in by bed six o'clock this morning with a smile on my face.

And woke up four hours later feeling not great, but that's beside the point.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Freak out!

Finally friday!!!

Two more classes before I can relax and put this stresdful week behind me. And freak out about next week instead.

Earlier today we had our solo performance, and there's really nothing worse than having to take class after that. Performing in general is draining emotionally and when you're alone in front of an audience doing something you've created yourself it's even worse. So taking class afterwards and being yelled at is not the ultimate thing to do. You may be so tired that you are close to tears, but for now all you can do is to suck it up and work.

UPDATED: Ballet was horrible, but then our jazzteacher brought out a cake and promised to let us eat it after class. Suddenly life became a lot easier. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A day in my life

Because no one cares...

I wake up around nine (sometimes eight, sometimes ten). Spend some time in bed, checking facebook on my phone or just thinking about life, the universe and everything. Then I get up and make breakfast (either yoghurt with fruits and müsli, or a bananapancake with a fruitsalad), which I usually eat in my room. Because it's cozier.

Then I find a way to make time pass until lunchtime. I go grocery shopping, I do laundry, I clean or I watch youtube videos. Mostly the last one. I also stretch a bit, roll over my foam roller or do some sit-ups.

Then I eat my lunch and leave for school.

All days are different, but in general we start 3 pm, so I'm there half an hour before to stretch and warm up and say hi to everyone. We normally don't have very long breaks between our classes. There is a running joke that each break you have time to do two out of four things; eat someting, use the toilet, change clothes or talk with your friends.

After the last class we stay a while to stretch, work on choreography and hang out for a bit until we get kicked out because the school closes.

And so I'm home between 10 and 11 pm, which is when I have dinner (most often a salad with a boiled egg and a sandwich) and read some blogs or webcomics until I fall asleep.

And here's a picture of me dressed as a pink unicorn, because wine
And here's a picture of me dressed as a pink unicorn, because wine

Friday, February 28, 2014


uYou know that feeling when you think you'll be spending friday night eating nutella straight from the jar, but then all of a sudden you're all dressed up because you and your friends decided you absolutley have to eat mexican food and drink frozen margaritas tonight...?

UPDATED: Totally worth the effort of dressing up! Food was awesome! Now I'm just too full to be able to sleep...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vacation and procastination

First day back after a vacation is always great. Sort of. Especially if it was a two week vacation. In my opinion, two weeks is the ultimate. You get time to relax, but you don't loose too much muscles and stamina.


First day back your muscles are nice and relaxed. I'm always amazed by how easy it is to do splits, and how high I can kick my legs. It's so nice! And then at the same time you need to struggle to find muscles you normally tense all the time. Which is less nice.

Second day is okay. You're a bit sore, but not too much. You're still nice and loose in the joints, although they're starting to tense. You're finding the muscles (turn-out especially).

Then third day arrives. That's today, for me. Getting out of bed is painful. Moving is painful. I haven't tried to stretch too much yet, but I know it's stiff. Everything hurts. And yet it's not that bad. We only had one week off, after all.

It's just, I didn't expect to be this sore. But looking back I see why I was wrong.

There are three reasons:

1. The state of my body before vacation. I was exhausted. Mentally and physically. I became a bit unsocial, because all energy went into forcing myself to still work hard (not so fun considering last day before the vacation was valentines day and I had kind of made Boyfriend promise we would do something and then I was too tired anyways...).
Also there is a small chance that I had a mild version of kissing disease (Boyfriend has it, and even though the doctors say he's not contagious right now, he still might have been earlier, and belive it or not, we kiss a lot).

2. Pedagogic exams have started. Before the vacation, pedagogic classes were pretty chill. We would maybe move a little bit, but most of the time was spent sitting down talking. Which was nice, because it's the last classes of our longest days. Now that we have exams we can't really relax after hip-hop (mondays) or the guest teacher (tuesdays).
Modern pedagogic is not that bad. We do half a class, then we have a break, and then the other half. Jazz is worse. It's a full hour jazz class. And because it's another opportunity to work on your technique, and because you want to support the classmate who is teaching you do full out. Kind of a wake up call for the body when you've spent a week...

3. Procastinating. We have a lot coming up now. The pedagogic exams I mentioned above, a solo performance next week, Stückchenweise (which I'm not part of this time), film project deadline, dance history presentation... And because it's me (and because my last name puts me close to the top of the class list) all deadlines are pretty much at the same time. So I saw this vacation as an opportunity to be able to work on all projects and finish as much as possible before school taking my energy again.
And that totally did not happen. Because when it comes to procastinating and doing things last minute, I'm way too good to stop now. So my vacation was spent in bed, eating cake and watching Moomin episodes on youtube.

And now I'm completly stressed out. Yay!!